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The campaign concept needed a metaphor to represent the potential of continuing to block the BTK pathway when covalent BTK inhibition ends. We brought the idea to life by first destroying it. Together, with our clients, we shattered clay pots. From the broken shards, we had a professional muralist meticulously paint and construct a physical mosaic. The mosaic took on a new form, representing the potential rebirth of the BTKi pathway.

As the supporting AD, I held the pivotal role of taking the lead on some of the creation and development of visually captivating banners and engaging email campaigns. As the driving force behind these endeavors, I excelled in expanding and enhancing brand presence, capturing the attention of target audiences, and maximizing the impact of promotional initiatives. Allow me to elaborate on the various aspects I covered in my responsibilities.

 Lead SVP CD: Gianpaolo Palombella, Lead CD: Rachel Braun , Supporting AD: Shayda Lopez / Gabrielle Lemmons 

AREA23ONHUDSON_Rebirth  of a Pathway_Multichannel Campaign (Small to Medium Product Size).
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