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Social Bullets is an experiment created to show parents the dangers of the internet by replicating 24 hours in a typical American student’s life on social media. Research revealed that for every 233 bullying posts online, one teenager attempts suicide. To show this staggering number to parents, we transformed a shooting range into a metaphor for social media. On one end, the dark anonymous hole of the internet. On the other, posters represent real-life targets of hate—teenagers who have suffered one of the 4 most common forms of cyberbullying: culture shaming, body shaming, sex shaming, and grade shaming. These 4 posters, perforated by bullets and transformed into a symbol for the dangers of cyberbullying, are traveling to schools across the country to help promote the virtual educational sessions that were being held by Parent Teacher Associations (PT


From the content that our algorithm picked up, We divided the project into many groups. I was responsible for manning the subject " body shaming" I sorted through each of the comments and designed the layout of each comment (over 8,000 comments) which was then displayed on the white wall and then displayed live.


This campaign was shortlisted at the Cannes Lions Awards for 5 categories. You can find it here

 LEAD CD Leonardo Arcoverde /  CW Victor Afonso / Supporting AD Gabrielle lemmons (amongst others creatives) 

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