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Insight : Our nation seems to be inherently divided on all issues. But if you keep looking at the world as black and white, it’s hard to find common ground.

People just want to feel heard. Let’s create a platform that allows stories and points of views from both sides to be shown without alienating either side. 


The Idea : “THE GRAY ZONE”

CW  Franky Jin  / AD Gabrielle Lemmons  


Live IG Highlights: BLM vs ALM, CoronaVirus vs Kung Flu, Life vs Choice 


Instagram name: The Gray Zone


Profile bio: Can black and white find gray? We want to see if we can help opposing sides find common ground through art.

Get artists from either side of a hot-topic debate to collab and create a comic strip together

Print comic stories into a book (other merch). Profits made can be donated to a particular cause that our followers can vote on

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